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$25 REWARD FOR RETURN OF WATCH TAK- An en from near State and van Buren-sts. rlday initrht. No Questions asked. Address aL WANTED AT ONCE EXPERIENCED GLASS-hlower familiar with vacuum pumo reuairimr CITY BEAL ESTATE. FOR SALE A BARG one of the best built modern new houses of tin rooms on two floors, with cellar and good attic pressed-brick all around, elate roof, woodwork finished in red oak.

fine wood mantels- lot ifcixi' i ft price SS.503: the house alone could not be built fi less than the price asked. Apply to JACOB WEIll ribune office. driver and passengers along the road afoot and breaking into the box at their leisure with cold chisels. As they usually concluded the evening's entertainment by setting fire to the coach and burning up $1,000 worth of the company's property, besides running away with the horses, the stagemen concluded that the iron-box scheme duit pay. and incandescent lamp making: permanent position lor competent man.

state wage anu experience Dy PRINCIPLES OP THE ART DEDUCED FK03I THE PRACTICE OF EXPERTS. expected. Then the absence of CoL Clarkson and other prominent liepublicans who had been expected, together with a shower, added to the depression of all concerned. The arriving delegates essayed to be cheerful and told with considerable glee of a test vote taken on the way up. The choice of such of the delegates as were willing to declare themselves for 192 was Blaine, 102 Harrison, 15 McKinley, 8.

Fourteen announced a willingness to vote for whoever is nominated nnd a score kept under cover entirely. This vote is regarded as about the only tning of political significance thus far developed in the gathering. LUST BLUE SILK UMBRELLA, PEARL AND silver handle: left In Thompson's Restaurant: lib letter. TED FORD, Box w. Denver, coio.

eral reward if returned to 167 Wabash-av. Inquire xw ,1 ui uuice. state-st. elevator hoy. 1 ANTED Al CUTTER.

RIGHT OFF: GIVE references. Addresa 47, Tribune omce. Coachmen Teamsters, Etc. SALE-OR LEASfc XT A vl'Vi'Tl'wivi u.v a. vjt rivurtnl Oroann in all oarta of the rftv with LOST LEATHER POCKETBOOK CONTAINING patent papers obtained through in favor ot Frederick W.

Malcolm. The finder will bo rewarded no returning same to Thomson-Houston Electric 14H Michigan-ay. tion: docks to rent. conneo. WANTED EXPERIENCED COACHMAN: 30 month: give references.

176, Tribune office. Perils of Speculation. Pall Mall Gazette: For many months past the city has been in the doldrums. Stocks and shares have been well-nigh stagnant, or at best have moved or 1-16 up or as the languid pull of bull or bear has happened to be the stronger. Limited companies guaranteed, every one of them, to pay enormous dividends have practically ceased to be floated.

Nobody will underwrite them, because nobody will apply for the shares. The House is practically starving, so far as that can be said of gentlemen who wear fashionable clothes, spotless linen, and glossy silk hats. arehouses and factory buildings, with docks. Build to suit tenants. Miscellaneous.

UGDEN. BllELDON St BUSINESS PEKSOXAL8. COR HALE WANTED TRUSTWORTHY MAN FORRESPON-Kible. nermanent. position South: salary 150ter Going through the mail-sacks used to be a tedious job for a road agent, and it didn't often pay for the time wasted.

Besides it doubled the number of pursuers by setting all the United States Marshals on the hunt for the robber, and when caught it landed hioi in the United States Court and insured a heavy sentence. Nevertheless, a great deal of money is sent by mail, and for the convenience of road agents and other thieves who may desire to take the chance of being caught CHEAP BUSINESS IJOT ON STATE-RT 72x100 east front, on V.ot i month and share of profits: most invest well secured in stock of merchandise. Address 162. Tribune office. price.

$225 per foot if taken withiu fiye7iav5 Apply to JACOB WEIL. IM Dearborn-st" 1ERSONAL NO HONEST PErtSON HAS KEAD my offer and received at my expense a package of VITJ5-ORE but to praise it and aid me In reaching the afflicted with proof positive that NaTTJKB CAN NOT BE COUNTERFEITED IN A REMEDY FOR ANY ILL: that for loss of vitality, from overwork, worries, cares, disease, old age, MAN NEVER HAS, CAN, OR WILL find its equal. Send four sick names 'OR SALE OR RENT THKEE HUNDRED FFtT YYJ ANTED TRIBUNE CARRIERS FOR THE il North Side: a irood chance for young men hav new Secretary of btate todav issued licenses for the incorporation of the following companies: Hydraulic and Steam Brick Machine company, at East St. Louis; to make brick machines: capital stock, $500,000: incorporators, H. M.

Thompson, J. LeEoy. and It. T. Hill.

Garden City Merchant Association, at Chicago: to deal in merchandise: capital stock. incorporators, D. D. Crane, John M. Rice, and James iioonan.

World's Fair Excursion company, at Chicago: to furnish transportation to persons attending the World's Fair; capital stock. incorporators, T. E. Penney, F. E.

Bruen. and others. The Hopper Ronflntr company, at Peoria: to manu ing light employment during the day and wishinu to make some extra money. Apply to M. C.

EAMES, iiooni 4, TriDune tfullding. 209Opera-Houwe Bldu. 117 ANTED AT ONCE, ONE MANAGER, TWO SALE TO CLOSE AN ESTATE-NOSisTvT 20 frame and hrtrfc hnii.n-- special and one local air en extraordinary In for package. I want no one's money until convinced. is the BEST THING IN, ON, OR OUT OF THE EARTH any ill.

Physicians commend, surgeons praise it, honest people recommend it. and only quacks and their ilk abuse it. THEO. NOEL. Geologist.

5S Chlcaco. III. Xllft. CREMIN Ac BEEN'AV ducements to place the latest and best policy ever offered. United Life Insurance Association, World Building.

New York. 142 cor. Madison. Uncle Sam invented the registered letter and its especial couch. No other reason for the invention of the registered letter system can be imagined.

A registered letter is not issued, and Uncle Sam will not pay for it if it is lost or stolen. The registered mail is put into a little pouch, which is put inside of the ordinary mail sack. When the road agent gets hold of a mail sack hn rina it oren. either bv running his knife The Main Thins Is to Get the Drop on the Tilessenger Easy Enoujli Then to Get the Express Box The Lono Hijrb.way-mae or Shasta and II Barley Sacks The Driver Kissed a Gun In UU Boot-It Created a Painful Surprise. San Francisco Examiner: In 1881 the stas-road between Benson and Tombstone was a bad route to travel by night or by day.

Benson was inhabited mostly by rustlers and toughs, and Tombatono was infested by Doc Holladay and other people of that sort. The Earpa managed to hold things level in Tombstone, but the road agents bossed the highway, and in Benson a man was liable to be hold up at noon on the depot platform whilo waiting for a train. Budd Pbilpot, brother-in-law of Charley Foss, the king of stage drivers, was driving the Benson and Tombstone stage, and one night somebody tried to hold him up not many miies from Tombstone. Philpot had had experience with road agents, and when he heard the order to halt come from the darkness a little beliind the off fore wheel he concluded that the robber was a green hand at the business, and instead of putting on the break ho gave the horses the silk and sent them ahead on the run. UOK SALE A VERY DESIRABLE 9-ROOW UthAU Ml fitil AND THE FOLLOWING.

City Airenev. Tacoma Druir Store. VT ANTED YOUNG MAN TO DRIVE LAUNDRY watron: mustknow the West Side. Address The following hv one mall will tell Its own Rtorv. liuujr.

1J )jc Kniuims, imuuies irom tllv Hail (worth for $4.0.10. one-half cash. 94. Tribuiie. facture roofing materials: capital stock, Jlo.OuO; incorporators, J.

N. Hopper, D. G. Weif ord, and Joseph Martin. The Lombard Construction company, at Chicago; 40.

Tribune office. OR SALE OB LEASE ANCFACf*ckIVil ANTED MAN TO TAKE CARE OF HORSE and buggy and lawn and make himself general oaiia. and may be found at almost any hour of the day at City Bodegas and wine bars. Of course, theirs is a mitigated starvation; but it means putting down horses and practicing other small economies very unpleasant to people once provided by a confiding public with ample pocket-money. Now as an outside broker," naturally know all about the city the legitimates who have the entree of the sacred temple of Mammon in Capel court and to which they find it hard enough just now to pay their subscriptions and the outside fraternity, the free lances of the market, who do their business (usually hatless in warm weather) in what is known as the 6treet," or in little back offices which would astonish their country clients if they could see them.

This knowledge I am going to place at the disposal mB. n-n ,,1.1.. n. ll-d to ouud nouses; capital stock, incorporators, Richard Forhan. John Forhan.

and W. H. Forhan. My patrons object to my giving their postoiBce address because of every nostrum and quack doctor sending them circulars and writing letters to them. I will give the address of either to parties who want them, and will forfeit J.VM to any charity if anything printed in my papers can he proved false.

1 am now preparing to put up different PKEPABATIONS from VIT-ORE for different uses: ly useful about the house: must have experience and good reference. 1 S. Water-st. The Larson company, at Chicatro: to deal in desks; SOUTH SIDE REAL ESTATK. capital stock, incoi porators, unris parson.


MICHIGAN-A V. LAKE-FRONT inenseekintr mercantile, professional, or hotel The Twenty-ninth Ward Republican League, at C. L. Bterbauni: cured mv daughter of thi position. Call CAMPBELL.

DOWD Room 11. Chicago: to promote Republican principles; Incorporators. D. T. Rov.

S. M. Tabor, and others. KW Washington-st. GRIP, and has done me MORE GOOD THAN THE HOT SPRINGS and alt the doctors I ever treated with.

G. W. Snow: I was troubled with INDIGES 40 FEET. Adjoining the Pullman Building. GEO.

G. NEWBURY A CO 164 La Sailed The Chicago Bowling club, at Chicago; for social IV ANTED AN MAN TO RUN around the sack near the bottom or by making two slashes criss-cross in one side of the sack. Thanks to Uncle Sam's kind consideration and foresight, he isn't obliged to ransack a thousand letters, but finds all the valuable mail sorted out and neatly done up in an easily-portable pouch, which he takes along to open at his leisure in the brush. Of all the devices and inventions for the protection of treasure and the circumvention of the road agent, the only one that has stood the test of time and experience is a big, ugly-tem EXPERIENCED purposes: incorporators. H.

A. E. Franks, J. Neu-bertrer. and K.

CY. Kchles. 1 1 restaurant in a larire anartm jnt building. Ad- TION and KIDNEY COMPLAINT: I am now well and have gained 20 pounds. T.

R. Harut: has dress 58, Tribune office. FOR SALE MICHIGAN-A V. BETWEEN FrH and we have two corners and neipea me wonderfully. J.

Mattis: For INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM it elves entire satisfac WANTED YOUNG MAN AT ONCE FOR VACANT ttosltion: not under 25: $12 tier week. New York Inside properties; no better purchase In the markHt Certificates were filed as follows: Increasing the capital 8 took ot the Great Oriental Exhibition company (limited) of Chicago from $100,000 to increasing the capital stock of the Grayville Store company (limited) from $2,000 to $4,000: and increasing the capital stock of the Chicago Mirror and Art tion. Mrs. sallie Blank: I feel like a different per- Mfg. l'J4 E.

Madison-sU 3d floor. sou altogether. T. J. Wflllson: INCREASED 27 Portland Block.

MY APPETITE. RELIEVED CONSTIPATION, and XVI 'ANTED SUPERINTENDENT AND SALE3-men for school supplies; something new and ui wuiiuuo uuiiU) tuwaja, aw gratified at the spectacle of others' misfortnnes, especially as the disclosure can now do me no harm. My business has long MADE ME SLEEP BETTER. Wm. Malony: It has liiass CJimpany from (l.iiwto 5iJi.

FOR SALE STONE FRONT APARTMENTBtriTS ing In choicest South Side locality near lake anil I. C. rental price this is a pered man with a sa wed-off shotgun on the benefited me a ereat deal. John Zimmerman necessary: salary and commission paid. EDUCATION A 1 AID ASSOCIATION, ly Lskeside Bulldinp.

has greatly benefited my DYSPEPSIA and box. Ut course, wnen me oiner ienow uas me POKT OF CHICAGO. ago vanished, and I may perhaps make there- ruo vanisnei i i v. i KIDNEY COMPLAINT. Wm.

Tausche: investment and a bargain requiring prompt action. H. DELAMATER, 56 larboris-tI io Knf thn Innn Tfinrt nrrpnt, can't uj aumoomcuucKiiuciuouj A KRIVED WITH LUMBEK PROPELLKRS F. H. cured me of the ITCH.

Mrs. G. Andrews: It cured me of FEMALE WEAKNESS AFTER DOCTORS HAD GIVEN ME VP. I .1 lnr alas! "WANTED ITEM AL HELP. Bookkeepers and Clerks.

FOR SALE AN EXCEPTIONAL BARGAIN- Cottatre near 2-storv brick -ilSmith. Menominee; fet. Joseph. Marinette; watch a lot of nassensrers and a driver, and at consider It a God blesslnir. Mrs.

Hilma Olson: wonningion, uaaar uver; Huron juy, Asniana; Laura Keed. Muskegon; S. O. Clarke, Lndington; and flat building, well rented, offered for lmmdiata sale at $6,500. BA1RD A BRADLEY.

WANTED A WITH LARGE EXPERI-ence as bookkeeoer and cashier: must have ex "long since gone by" I "personally conducted to a fortune and fleeced. Conscience prompts and I obey. But what is an "outside broker?" some (possibly lady) reader may ask. Well, he may be, and often is, a regular, who has been O. cured me of DYSPEPSIA WHICH DOCTORS COULD NOT RELIEVE.

Mrs. Laura Wilkinson: It has done my mother much good tor RHEUMATISM uus, i. sanus. jnanistee. cnooners u.

n. jonnson, Conneaut. Ebenezer. Ladineton: Guido. Pieruort: Salie-gt.

MY HOME OS Pbit" Kate Lyons. C. Michelson, Winnie Wing. Manistee; the same time keep the drop on a man wno nas been hired to shoot him full of holes, and only wants half a chance to Jo it. If the robber gets the drop on the messenger and keeps it, and contents himself with ordering the driver to throw out the bos, he may win; but it is.

BALE OR TO RENT- ceptional reference as to character and ability: no novices or students need answer: liberal salary and permanent place to the right person. 141. Tribune. will rent to strictly private familv? jLmeraiu. uorry, a.

u. wetr, Menominee: Jessie Mar A- rie-av. tin, Muskegon: Filer. lariev, Stephenson. YOUNG LADY TO CLERK IN A ANTED A Marinette: W.

lones. Bronson. Cedar River: irioune omce. one with exnerience preferred. Ii stationery store: J.

King, Ashland. Sundries Propellers: Puritan, Address 54. Tribune office. iiraasnaw. Ulty ot Chicago.

St. joe: Virginia. Mil SALE WANTED TO SELL AT OXCEMT house on terms to suitbuver. if ana tL it ai.uia. x.

ii. Hiioemaiter: am wen pleased with your William J. Tuite: It has done me a great deal ot good. J. 3.

Keigley: I am under great obligations toyou. Your medicine has proved a GODSEND TO ME. W. W. Heard, M.

cured one of mv patients who had been confined to her bed for 12 months. Mrs. Y.Dent: Have used it with very beneficial -results. H. Wood-ard: It is helping me wonderfully.

Mrs. W. R. Davis: My son was troubled with a KIDNEY COMPLAINT all his life. He tried doctors and medicine to no Nurses.

the business of tha ma 1 with the Bawea-orx shotgun not to let him get the drop, but to blaze away as soon as lie shows up. The gun is sawed otf for the greater convenience of the waukee; City of Duluth. Duluth; Tuscarora. Boston, Buffalo: Atlanta, Muskegon: Muskegon. Manistique; Owego.

Florida. Hudson. Buffalo, Petoskey. Harbor modern has good barn If do not sell will rent fur private use. Address tit.

Tribune office. WANTED COMPETENT NURSE TO CARE FOR baby: good wages. Address 59, Tribune. hBnnes: Indiana. Manitowoc.

Lieht froneilers: IiOR SALE 300X175; KIMB ARK-A V. FISE co*k-ner for apartments: near World's Fair: tuUkii. A. P. Wright, Mary Mills, Topeka, Milwaukee: Lansing.

South Chicago. Schooner: Bliss, Milwaukee. messenger potting read agents. It is loaded with buckshot and scatters like a charge of WANTED UR6E GIRL. WHITE OB COLORED one sleeping at home preferred.

Apply at 310 E. FREUND, 4 Adams Express Building. avail. After nslng he is HALE AND HEARTY AND HAS NONE OF THE OLD TROUBLES WHAT East Chicago-av. propeller: frerrett, Marinette.

Cleared light Propellers Wilds. Reld, A. JTeff, Thompson. Muskegon: St. Joseph.

M. Mills. T. EVER. W.

T. Hays: Your strikes me more fav FOR SALEOR RENT CHOICE BOULEVARD residence. 353 Oakwood-boulevard. SOxifi ttt bribery fired into a California Legislature. The length of the gun isi such that when the General Housework orably than ANY OTHER REMEDY ON EARTH.

F. B. Fawcett: It has given me great relief. J. B.

H. Smith. Menominee: Loraine Glen Pier; Saug- DO GENERAL Atchison: YOU ARE CERTAINLY AN HONEST aincK, caugatucK; layette, iore ay ortnington, Celar River: Wyoming. Au Sable: M. T.

Green. Lud- TTT ANTED A housework. GOOD GIRL TO 1222 Marianna-st, south front, 14-room residence, with light and air on all sides: a well built and finely-appointed residence, in a flue location, near Grand-bouievard; side driv to barn and 2o-foot alley in rear. Apply to OWNER on the muzzle rests upon the toot board the iocks are level with the messenger's knee, and he can swinsr it up into position very readily. If he gets it pointed any whery near the robber some insrton.

Schooners Winnie Inc. Michelson. Man MAN WITH A GREAT REMEDY. It has helped my deafness a great deal. J.


Room 23. led hammered for failing to meet his differences." He may be an ex-advertisem*nt canvasser, an cx-stockbroker's clerk indeed, in one or two cases I know of he is an individual who at some period of his existence has "done time." The outside broker," whoever he is, undertakes to make the fortune of his clients, and, in case- of accidents, many of the less scrupulous work under an alias. Some invite the public to gamble openly with them in stocks and shares. They have a number of tape machines in their offices, around which the clients sit, or speculate through the post. In these establishments you may stake with the broker from 5 here called cover "on the future price of any stock you like, just as they do in the betting clubs the police raid every now and then.

You back, Bay, Dover "A for a rise or fall, and Btake 5. If the Btock goes your way goes up, for example, five points you get back your cover and 5, or you may go on for the chance of a further rise. If the stock goes against you, say five points, your cover runs otf into the broker pocket, and you must either stake more cover or stop play istee: Eliza Day. Onekama; S. O.

JsefT. Whltbeck. Emerald. Menominee: Robinson. Perew, Judd.

Marinette Howlett. Beaton. Frankfort Bronson.Cedar Seacborn-st. of the buckshot are surS to hit. WEST SIDE REAL ESTATE.

Itiver: conneaut. Ludineton: Cuyahoga, tireen Bav. YOU AND TO ITSELF IN tne case of a email boy whose feet are ALMOST SOLID SORES. 8. A.

Mc-Cauley It has done me great pood for paralysis. Louise Thirlard: HAS CURED ME ENTIRELY OF SCIATICA. I recommend it most heartily. An old Nevada driver's modification of the WANTED-EXPERIENCED GIRL FOR GENER-al honsework. Call at 3024 Groveland-av Sundries Propellers Lawrence.

Chebovean Brad- FOR SALE BY EXCLUSIVE AGENTS BUILD-inir lots on West Monroe-st- 44 feet, between messenger 8 guu was a smgie-oarreiea buoi-eun worn in his right boot, the muzzle pro shaw. City of Chicago, Puritan, St. Joe: Virginia, Milwaukee: Petoskey, Harbor Springs. Grain Propellers H. B.

Pereue, Empire. Clarion, Erie: F. L. Vance, A. P.

Wright, T. W. Palmer, Ocean lea. Tusca BOARDING AND LODGING. In nine cases out of ten the trick would have won, as the robber would have thought it hardly worth the while to fire at a rapidly escaping stage, and the darkness would have spoiled his aim if he did lire.

But the crack of Philpot' lash was answered by the crack of a Winchester, md Philpot half sprung to Lis feet, dropped back with a moan, and swayed in Ins seat. The messenger who sat beside him threw his right arm around the driver and with his left seized the lines as they fell from Philpot's relaxed fingers. The Winchester cracked again and again, -and a cry from the inside of the coach told that one of the passengers had been hit. The frightened horses new over tne road. The messenger held the dying driver with one arm.

and with the left hand tried to arrange thetanyled lines while. the bullets whistled in the dark. lie got the stage into Tombstone with the express box safe, but two dead men were taken from the coach. That was not the work of a professional road agent. The main purpose of the robber is to Becure plunder, and if ho does any killing it is either to prevent somebody from killing him or to insure the success of the robbery.

The Ettacfc upon the Tombstone stage was the work of a man-killer who had turned road agent for one night only, and for that and other aood reasons the job was generally attributed to Doc Holladay, a man who left a trail of blood across every State and Territory between the Mississippi and the Sierras. A man who understands the art of highway robbery can hold up any stage without tiring a shot, unless a fighting shotgun messenger happens to be on the box, in which case he may get into trouble and miss the trick. The expert professional never fools with a stage on open ground or steep down grade, lie selects his ground with ease and judgment, choosing a place where the stage must be driven slowly, and taking such a position that ha cannot be seen until he has the driver covered with his shotguu. lie uses a shotgun rather than the rifle or revolver, because the shotgun is the formidable weapon at short range, its capacity for scattering fire being well known and duly respected by drivers. The bisruer the bore of the sun the more ley and running through to Wilcox.

113 feet on opposite side ot street, in same block, 14 truding through the bottom near the heel. H. M. Hurlburt: I have great confidence In Mrs. H.

A. Smith: I am well pleased with It, I. M. Hale: I have used it with GREAT BENEFIT. W.

E. Gladdig: I CAN NOW EAT THREE SQUARE MEAL8 xeei ueep. w. near xaroop. south Side.

rora, Cuba, C. A. Eddy, N. A. Eddy, Buffalo: AverilU Otrdensbursr: Calvin.

Kinirston: Cuba. Montreal: GRIiFIN A lom. asnington and Haisted. AND 6 E. WASHINGTON-ST.


T. Bliss, Granger, Midland; FOR SALE ON COLORADO-AV, NEAR K.EDZIE-av 25x125: $tf) per a bargain. hen held up he stuck out his leg toward the robber, as if he were feeling for the brake, and pulled the trigger. But one hand was required to work the gun and the effect was something in the line of painful surprise. TAKEN.

m. Hungerford: There is no question Valencia, tvingsion; w. jones, ijeaar itiver. South Chicago, IlL, Aug. 1.

(Special. Arrived accommodations In the city than furnished at these numbers: two blocks from Palmer House; table first-class and prices reasonable. near soma front. aooui rc oeing tne utsi MtDiciNK un eakih. John Sayer: It is the greatest remedy I ever saw.

hour, j. 1'tnllipn. strs. Alannattan, Massachusetts, $S4 per tt; assessments all paid. and W.

tlnhicke. sailed Schrs. J. E. Fotts, Lan- 00 MICHIGAN-A V.

DESIRABLE SUITE OF -'X'Ofurnished rooms, with board; southern sine, i F. M. Is o. 5, and Maryland. 171 La Salie-rt.

Mrs. u. j. uarnuter: My daughter thinks very highly of your medicine. Eliza Schutte: It has done ME MORE GOOD THAN ANY OTHER Y0ICE OF THE PEOPLE.

FOR SALE 7: AND 733 W. LAKET 2 AND 3 storv frame bulldines and lota, with two hrirfc MEDICINE. Cant. W. P.


Heeman Sav barns, for $4,000 each. irooins, hot and cold water, with board. rNOT Tire Trtbttxk will not notice anonymous 'fflE FOLLOWING TRANSEEKS OF CITY PROP- communications, nor decide bets. No manuscripts witirriji uwiuar, Washington and Haisted. 990ft PRAIBIE-AV.

ROOMS WITH BOARD; IN erty xor ti.uw ana npwarutt were nioa lor record age: is an that ever did me any good. Miss M. Wilson: It has done me more good for CHRONIC BRONCHITIS THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON EARTH. J. Brewer was cured of diarrhoea.

Leslie )each particular first-class. ing. But most outside brokers do not go to work in this way, which requires a considerable bank." They have an office, the address of which is always "near the Bank of England "looks returned unless proper postage accompanies same. No manuscript will he saved UU called or written for. riaay, Aug.

80 ft of f. 28Kxl05 FOR SALE I OWN A BUNCH OF 10 CONTIGU-ous lots at Lawndale. fronting east, near Lavs. Wilson was ereatlv relieved of SCIATICA. Mrs.

S. 0990 WABA8H-A V. PLEASANT ROOMS WITH Oor without board: house modern. ft, Aug, I (D. J.

Barnes to W. F. Lee) 6.500 aw ft of 50x166 ft. Makhamnsedltfor DKOPSY WITH GKEAT BENE Tinplate Question. which I must sell at once: will close out at 150 each cash if done inside of 10 days; no agents.

Address 89; Tribune office. FIT. W. Dun was cured of a very bad case of North Side. ECZEMA.

I. Morris was cured of BLADDER AND July 13 (H. Moeng to A. Schoenlnger) 6,250 120 ft of Homan, f. 7-'xLU ft, Nov.

7, Pftto W. Humason to M. Le Clair) 2,500 KIDNEY TROUBLE. It relieved Mrs. L.

King of a bad case of DYSPEPSIA. Mrs. A. J. Roache fract 8 WASHINGTON-PL.

CHOICEST NORTH SIDE location; next Union club: two rooms for gentle Tribune. Will you please answer the following FOR SALE ATTENTION, buys my West Side flat property: am Unable to no it or r. iH'xi-l it. Dec, 29. M(L.

S. Fallls to M. P.Fallisi 1,000 men: easy walk: good board: fronting park. ured her hip and It greatly benefited her, H. Cun- meet Incumbrance of and must sell; rents $ia5 per month.

Address 180. Tribune office. well, you know, to country folk even though it may bo a third-floor back-room in a court half a mile away. Most of them have compiled an elaborate pamphlet of "Advico to Speculators," and an office boy is busy all day long addressing these to likely people. Sometimes, if the broker happens to be a good- ic tt ot Mowry, zoxuw it.

witn Lot 10. Block 3. adjoining. Feb. 18 (A.

Jernberg to 91 CORNER CHICAGO-AV. 4-i'JThree entire floors or suites of rooms: rIro questions, wnicn ui mifresi, your aver-town (Wis.) readers? (1) To what extent is tin-plate now manufactured in the United States! (2) Is raw material in paying quantities for its manufacture produced in our own country? Iltfe: It Is giving general satisfaction, especially in RHEUMATISM and "MILK LEG." 3. E. Flanders: I have been SOAKED WITH MALARIA FOR TEN YEARS. When I beean usimr every one re- B.

HildebranJ) 1,000 other suites, front and single rooms, with board: oei rancisco ana f. iytxLo ft. July 10 (W. J. Thompson to M.

references: first-class table board; permanent parties preferred. marcea upon my improvea appearance. SALE THE H. W. COR.

CENTRAL PARK and Harvard-sts, 118x124. Price M.500; a bargain. J. H. WHITESIDE A CO-Exclusive Agents, i 171 La Saile-st Dr.

j. A. snater. tturiinston. writes: A rEOTECTIOXIST.

(1) None. (2) If Protectionist means by A. Short) 4,600 105 ft 8 of f. 25x130ft. I HAVE BEEN USING V.O.

and AM SO HOPEFUL 91 7 EAST OHIO-ST. NEWLY FURNISHED AL-Mll cove and other rooms with good board. Aug. a (L. Hohn to M.

Wirths) 6,000 raw material" steel from which the plate is OF COMPLETE RESTORATION to sound health because of the GREAT BENEFIT ALREADY REALIZED that I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ADEQUATE FOR SALE CHEAP 20(1 FT. ON WEST near 45th: $10 per ft. below market prico. looking fellow, his portrait and autograph adorn the frontispiece. This is believed to give confidence to timid gamblers.

What does he recommend? Always a specialty. From private and exclusive information we TO RENT WITH DAY tiaii-si pet uakiey-av. ana dux 12 ft, Aug. iS. O.

Petrie to D. Petrie). L500 944 t- 1 board. rolled, then the answer is. Yes.

There is plenty of steel suitable to do rolled into steel plates for a Owner, CHAS. S. WEAVER. 019 Opera-House LY EXPRESS MY SINCERE THANKS TO YOU oeminary-piace. ivi it oi 25x124 ft.

Aug. 1 (C. J. and 3. V.

Schultz to A. coat of tin. 91 ONTARIO-ST. BEAUTIFUL FURNISHED itlAalcove room, all conveniences: choice loca and lu ium wno prepared this PANACEA IN THE LABORATORY OF HIS INFINITE LOVE. WISDOM.

AND POWER. I feel free to write to vou Bischoff) 3,800 OR SALE W. 12TH. 60X125, NEAR LAWNDALE- auu tt ot lutn-st-. ei.xi tt.

June terrifying it is to passengers, although it is a singular fact that under such circ*mstances a ISi-ttUibei rille barrel is likely to be mistaken tion: also larger room on first floor; best of table hoard: call any time. becairse of the CLOSING SENTENCE IN ONE OF U(J. Case toV. M. Gunton) 1800 $1,500.

jetterson, near Harrison. 4 xll5: Al business property. Address 125, Tribune office. Kind Words for Mr. Cheney.

IIaxover, I1L, Aug. 7. Editor of The Tribune. Hampden-couit. it or a f.

5ux250 ft. Auu. 1 (M. and T. Karls to G.

F. lOllt LEI 1EKS to me and as I think a nobler one was never traced by your pen the following: "IT IS MINE TO DO AND GOD TO GIVE RESULTS." for the mouth of the Sutro Tunnel- On the 9ft 1 ONTARIO-ST. ELEGANT FRONT AND other rooms, with or without board. Schwarz) 9,000 IPOR SALE-CALIFORNTA-AV, FACING DOUG-las Park, near lit a bargain for few I should like to take your hnnd and with cordial la this town Person C. Cheney of New Hampshire was married to a daughter of the late Jonathan White Sr.

thirty-two years ago last lino of every stage road in California is pointed out some spot that is a favorite stand AND stewart-av- oi r. ouxi'i i it. ly 1 (G. H. Nichols to Trebilcoek PenhuUe- 09 LA SALLE-AV.

2D FLOOR FRONT uw othes rooms, with board. days only. W. H. McNAUGHTON A greeting lnvoce uuo a nuLabiNii upon you and your ion.

xel.44Sj. bo Dearoorn-st, gon) 8.250 for robbers. It is usually in a suarp re are able to advise that shares in the bally Lunn mine are certain of a large and immediate rise. They are now only Is. but in a few days nuay touch par, or even go to 2 to JE3." To work this scheme the broker gets the call for a few weeks of a few thousand shares of some rubbish or other at Is, and can, of course, make a good thing of it by selling at la 9d.

Or, 44 we invite you to join our Nineteenth Quarterly Pool (in a stock to be hereafter disclosed). All the previous pools have closed with a profit to clients varyinz from lo to If you cannot write, get the most honest dme-crlst Jnne. lie is the same P. C. Cheney who is favor cor ot I.

32xl47 Hotels. to wrue. ree sammes wui only De sent to parties OR SALE BARGAIN 2-STOHY BRICK FLAT; West Side. BAIRD, 8t La R. 702.

entering angle, where the horses must be brought down to a walk and the answering ims. AMERICAN DOLLAR HOTEL. 411 WEST contains eiehtv cool, liuht. nlnasant rooms. ably mentioned as the successor of Secretary Proctor in the War Department.

The appointment of Gov. Cheney for Secretary of War would be a most fortunate selection, lie would bring to FOR SALE BUSINESS AND MANU FACTURIN property. H. O. STONE 206 La Salle-st.

"OERSONAL A. L. WTLLAKD. M. PHKSICIAN rocky bank or a tree affords a hid-intr-tilace for the robbers.

It does not matter and surceon. 235 tate-st makes a snecialtr of Dining-room on first floor. Single room and three excellent meals 1 per day. Board and room, S5 per week: 6o'clock dinners. BENTON MAUZY.

Pront. tt. July 30 (P. Clements to Murphy A Hanlon) 3,268 State-sU, cor of 224x121 ft, July 31 (Woodruff Stafford to H. Knight) 4,000 Woodside-av- 50 ft of aUxl25 ft.

July 2tJ. Luff to L. Burlineham 600 107 ft of 5tth. f. 36x124, ft, Aug.

1 (J. Jj. Swan to W. D. Goodnow) 7.500 140 ft of Ashlund-avs 24x122 ft, Au.

1 J. Price to G. E. Warren) 2,000 Evanston-av- cor. of Demnster-nlace.

f. diseases of the feet; instant and painless relief from corns, bunions, and ingrowing nails: satisfaction HYDE PARK REAL ESTATE. the office a wide business experience as well as an extended knowledge of affairs of state. When if the driver knows that he is liable to be held up at that spot and is on the alert. He cannot make the turn at hich speed, and he must GRAND PALACE HOTEL, CLARK AND INDIANA-sts.

4 minutes from Court-House: rooms S3 wnnk. guaranteed or no charse for service: hours 9 to a. OR SALE-PRAIRIE-AV 100x179 FEET. WEST ly; transients. SOc: ladles' and gents' Turkish baths, 50c; gents all niarht: restaurant; popular prices.

front, between 54th and 55th-sts. $100. a young man he served for several years as Railroad Commissioner of New Hampshire, afterwards as Mayor of Manchester, then for two terms as Governor of New Hampshire, and sub 57 ft, Aug. 5 (F. Berls et al to C.

Svenson) 10.500 tjive his attention to his team to avoid an upset. Just as the coach swings into the gully, and the driver is about to rein the leaders out SITUATIONS WANTED MALE. Bookkeepers and ClerHs. UAJLLUWAX.LXJUAN Tacoma Building. so tt ot z.

it. uly OTEL ALDINE FIRST-CLASS FAMILY Hotel: splendid rooms with board. 14 and 16 Rlshon CITTJATION WANTED BY AN EXPERIENCED SALE WE OFFER AN EXCEPTIONAL BAR-train In a handsome modern house in the best Dart from the bank, he hears the sharp command to halt, and without turning to see he knows Court, f. T. MAULSBY.

Proprietor. PALACE HOTEL. 176 S. CLARK. COR.

MONROE Elegant outside rooms 50c up; up weekly. vjsingie or doupie-entry oookkeeper. Good ref erence. Address m. Tribune office.

22 (G. B. Urp to S. F. Craig.) 8.7C2 27th-et, wf.

25x120 ft, July 1 (D. P. Leyden to M. Mason.) 2,800 240 ft of 8mn-st. 4xlfl0 ft.

June 17 (G. Newell to A. Hoffmann.) L4O0 Same property, June 17 (A, Hoffman to R. Poz- iik) 1,600 sequently United States Senator. Hegmmng life without means, he secured a good academic education, learned the trade of paper-making, established a mill of his own, and is now one of the most extensive manufacturers of paper and of Hyde Park, near C.

every appointment; let 5u feet. east front price extremely low for rm-xnediate sale; Immediate possession. that a shotgun is pointed at his head from be 95 for every 10 subscribed, including the return of the Bankers' pass-books and counterfoils of checks sent to farmer clients open to inspection. Entrance 10 only. The list will close on Monday next, when we commence to operate." In flush times of city speculation such individuals often made abighaul.

If the stocks rose considerably they would pay some clients a little. Others, country people especially, they would put off from month to, month, and at last assume a lofty and injured tone, and betr to close the correspondence, and SITUATION WANTED BOOKKEEPER: YOUNG WINDSOR E. HOTEL. PARTIES comlnir to Chicacro cannot do better than tnn at hind the tree. llie stage driver, being com BA.itiv dt UKAULJii, au ija eaue-st.

uman: experienced: ai k. r. ecu mealy a man ot sense and good judgment. standing. Address 7.

Tribune the old. long-tried Windsor E. Hotel. The house is FOR SALE N. W.

COR. 100x218 ft. GALLOWAY. LYMAN A PATTON. it or ureenwood, I.

wx ft. May lb (P. C. Chrlstianson to J. Kret- puts on the brake and stops instantly.

pulp in America. Ho has a large paper mill at Manchester and five or six extensive pulp mills in the State. He has given largely to charities, and is most scrupulously honest in his dealings. To clean and patronized by none but respectable parties. Rates from 75c to $1.50 per day.

S. GREGSTEN. Prop. Salesmen. TacoiSa Building.

Throw down the box," is the next order, low) 2,500 Marion-place, cor of f. 25x107 ft, July 25 (P. 8. Stensland to O. Thonbrornsen) 4.000 SITUATION" WANTED WITH WHOLESALE house, young man who Is acquainted with trade in Miscellaneous.

end the driver tosses out the express box. I 7OR BALE-CHEAP IF TAKEN AT ONCE: NEW 3-story fiat building, 4721 rent $9ti0 a. Missouri ana eastern 6 veara' exna. Ansun-av iw it oi KODey-8t 8 I. mx2iu it to end other property.

July 29 (P. place such a man the aninet would do credit to President Harrison and reflect honor upon the country. year. Owner. Sometimes the man behind the tree wants the mail sacks too, and if he is very greedy and PARTIES SEEKING WITH OR WTTH-out board, will find a list of desirable places, which we can recommend, by calling.

rience in nouse ana on roaa. ltu, xrioune. FOR 8ALE-FRENCH-AV CORNER 78TH-ST-449x165. convenient to Windsor Park and Chelten bold he orders the passengers to jump out and ITUATION WANTED IN OFFICE OR AS TBAV- at.u. w.

uakk a W9 Kookery. elin? salesman. Four years on the road. Can About the City Going Into the Gas-Making ham stations of the Illinois Central R. desirable speak English and German.

122. Tribune ofhee. WANTED ALL PA.RTIES DESIRING BOARD or rooms without board call on us: va huva da. for immediate Improvement or for investment: a empty their pockets. Lsuaily the passengers tumbie over each other in their haste to obey the orders of the man with the gun, and he Business.

Chicago. Aug. 6. fEditor of The bargain. F.

W. BALSM YDER. 130 Dearborn-sU Coachmen, Teamsters. Etc slrable quarters in all parts of city. CROPPEK A TUCKER.

07 Chamber of Commerce. Since it is generally conceded that if the city makes a good haul of watches and loose IOR SALE STONY 70TH-ST, 50x165 with house $250 per ft. will elve 6Kiays O. Stensland to E. Torrlson) 18,900 1 ft of Butler.

8 f. 25x125 ft, Juue 23 (E. J. Pilditch to C. Blockberger) 2,300 Paullna-st- 175 ft of 5tth, 50x125 ft, July 24 G.

M. Hoyt to E. Hale) 1.400 cor 53d. f. 24x125 ft, Aug.

6, (J. Stroebel to J. A. Malloy). 8,900 Yale-sUlOO ft of 6bth, 49x187 ft, Aug.

6, (A. E. Johnson to G. T. French) 5,750 cor of wf, 100x165ft, Aug.

i (F. S. Taylor to O. E. Anderson 10,000 Fulton-sU 177 of ft, Aug.

5 (O. E. Anderson to F. S. Taylor et 20,000 cor of f.

24x122 SITUATION WANTED BY A FIRST-CLASS coachman city references. 153. Tribune office. owned and operated the eras-works as it does now contract. change.

Will Not Search the Pockets. BOARD WANTED. the water-works the people could be supplied with We have a lonir list of nronertv In the non-nrohlbl- COACHMAN IN PRI- SITUATION WANTED AS tlon district adjacent to Jackson Park, Including sev Ovate family, city or country, by a married man: refer you to our solicitor a confederate, of course. Only very occasionally have any of the fraternity been brought into court. Their security is the fear their victims have of exposure.

But the highest species of outside broker" is the individual who does not appear personally in the business, but works under cover of what he calls a financial newspaper. I do not know whether the public takes these papers to be independent financial organs run in its interest. I can tell them a very different story. They are, as a matter of fact, owned by Bmall syndicates of outside brokers who inspire every article and generally pull the strings. Some are handsome sheets, stitched and covered, and sold at 6d others, less pre If the robber is alone nobody need lose BOARD PARTIES LOOKING FOR FIRST-CLASS board and rooms, or furnished rooms without eral corners; per it.

ana upwards, can tor list. temperate, steady 15 years' experience: can train cheap gas, why could not the question be submitted to a popular vote at the next city election? This question of cheap light and fuel is certainly one of the greatest economical problems of the day, and if gas can be made and sold at a profit young norses. rioe races, wait table, etc. oest ret. much wealth in a hold-up, however.

The rob IS. Yi JLA.HT a uu, itil Dearborn-st. Telephone 2C53. board, can find what they want free of charge by callinar WM. REED A CO 12u9 Tacoma.

from pat employers: years last place. 40 S. M3y-st. ber will not throw himself otf guard to search ft (J. L.

ho*rber to J. L. ho*rber Jr.) 1.500 SALE CHEAPEST LOT ON THE STREET. the pockets ot a lot of passengers. It is his TOARD-FIRST-CLASS TABLE BOARD FOR A for heating purposes for 50 to t0 cents per 3o it 8 or r.

uxiis it. July 1 (T. W. Smith to J. W.

Stapleton 1,140 -Usi single man. neighborhood of Pralrie-av. and 16th- business to keep them covered with his gun. WHARTON-A NEAlt 54TH-ST. feet the oooole should have it, with eas SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE, bookkeepers and Clerks.

St. Address 139, Tribune office. Wasiiinsrton-av 155 ft a oi 82d-sU. t. 40x115 It.

and he depends upon their terror to induce July 1 (same to same)'. 1.150 them to give up what he would not search for. BOARD YOUNG MAN AND WIFE WANT PLEAS-ant room and rood board in nrivate amilv. Will 42 ft of I. 4Uxli It.

CITTJATION WANTED A8 CLERK IN A BOOK costing the same as coal, nearly everybody would use it on account of the saving in kindling and the roedom it would give from the disagreeable work of taking out ashes, sifting'coal, etc. Every B0X153, ONLY $100 PER FOOT. BAIRD A BRADLEY, 90 La Salle-st uly 1 (same to same) LH0 Ostore: experienced: speak German. Address pay $50 per month. Address 2, Tribune office.

It requires an artistic operator and one with supremo audacity to go through a whole 195 ft of th. I. 50x125 It. Aug. 7 so, TriDuneomce.

body certainly understands the advantages there BOARD ROOMS WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD; all parts city good houses only list your rooms. FOR SALE N. W. COR. 69TH-PLACE AND 59x125 $110.

stuire load of people and clean them out to (M. Schweisthal to K. New) 1,000 Wentworth-av ea ft 8 of 23x121 ft. July 24 (W. Brown to L.

Jurgensen) 2.850 SITUATION WANTED BY COMPETENT DEUG-elst. or would accent relief work. Best references. 2l La Room 605. the ultimate nickel, but California can proud 250 ft 8 of 4th.

48x125 ft. Auu. 5 Address izi, Trioune omce. would be in the use of gas. You have only to strike a match and your lire is ready, and, on the other hand, when the tire is not needed it can De shut off instantly and, with an honest meter in Cottage near 50x125 ft, at $150.

75th-st-, near Jeff 72x125. at $50. 1 E. N. W'EART CO- 167 Dearborn-st ly boast of having produced such artists.

(S. Delamater to M. E. Evans) 1,200 BOARD BY LADY ANY LIGHT WORK IN Exchange for board. Address 0 129.

Tribune office. Stenographers. B. necoroi One way of doing the trick is to pretend that another robber is concealed in the brush close the cellar, all expense is stopped. Aug.

5 (A. Speight to J. M. Dodd) 1,250 24 ft 8 of 64th. f.

20 ft to alley. SITUATIONS WANTED ANY BUSINESS HOUSE gratuitously supplied with very expert stenog FOR SALE NEAR 66TH-ST. It would seem that as matters now stand gas BOARD WITH ROOM-FOR A MAN AND WIFE, near Adams-st, west of Ashland-av. Address lfi3. Tribune office.

by. raphers, also thoso inexpert, yet accurate, from our 2.700 216 ft of f. 21x124 is the only hope we have for a cheap ueL Oil Jim. you keep these galoots covered while advanced dictation class, some owning machines. 50x125 ft Will sell below market price.

Make us an offer for this. MEAD A COE. 149 La burners are a delusion and a snare, as I know to mv sorrow: coal is both expensive and dirty, and go thtough 'em," remarks the road agent in tentious, are sold at "the humble penny, but all alike are run to influence stocks in which the proprietors are interested, or to float some rotten or fraudulent company. Bona tide circulation they have little or none beyond the copies taken by public companies for publishing Bowdlerized reports of their meetings, and the gratis copies distributed to country people or planted in likely spots such as city restaurants, bodegas, etc. With the bottom dropped out of South Africans, the slump in Nitrates, the collapse in Argentines and Portuguese, and the all but impossibility of floating any new company, industrial or mining, in any part of the world, the house has had a worse time of it than AGENTS WANTED.

J. s. MANNA. 4iz lrst National Hank Huildtng. Dressmakers.

a cool, matter-of-fact way, after he has rwieed so long as gas continues to be controlled by trusts the frightened passengers in a row with their FOR SALE NEAR most desirable location in Ken wo id will be sold CrrUATIO'N' WANTED A FIRST-CLASS FITTER AGENTS 40 PAPERS NEEDLES 15 CENTS-needle packages reduced. N. E. ELLITOOrpp's Land draner wishes engagements: terms F' Ad ft, Aug. 7 (J.

H. Freese to E. Brandt) 3,000 240 ft of Ogden. 25x71 ft, July 23 F. R.

Wagner to H. K. Kapser) 4,000 South CLicago-av cor of Drexel, 35x125 ft, Aug. 4 (A. J.

Kyle to E. J. Dunne) 2,063 150 of f. 25x97 ft. Aug.

6 estate of 8. R. Haven to A. Jorgensen) 2,000 cor 52d-st 50x125 ft, July 1100 175 ft of 25x125 ft. Julv29( Same to same) 1.650 at once price $112 per foot H.

O. STONE A CO. hands above their heads. And then he goes through them without undue haste, making Factory. 1219 Chicago.

and greedy corporations it will be beyond the reach of the masses for either lighting or fuel purposes. I am astonished, too, that so little progress is being made in adapting electricity for use in lighting our homes by aid of the storage dress a. Trinune omce. La Salle-st rOOD MAN FOR FACTORY CONTRACTS facetious remarks as he brings up the plun THE SITUATION WANTED PERFECT FITTER AND draner wishes encasem*nts: terms SL75. Address VTbest and timnlest roverntnr em humar- 50 IOR SALE 50 GR AND-BLVD.

AND macadamized; down. E. O. STEAD. Ml 50th-ft der.

per cent saved. Address so. Tribune office. 6, Tribune office. The lone highwayman of Shasta, who was battery, soma years ago it was conhdantly predicted that the day was at hand when all could atford to light their homes by this system, and captured recently, had a neat method ol tak Ellis-ay- bet 37th and 30x170 ft, May-21 (8.

B.Johnston to J. G. Dwyer) 6.250 SEE NOEL'S PEKSONAL FOB THE BEST THING on earth for agents. Housekeepers. OR SALE 50 S.

46TH-ST. AND CHAM-plaln-av. MUSSENDEN. 125 Dearborn, TeL that it would be as common a sight to see the ing care of passengers when they were numer OITUATTON WANTED TO DO WASHING AND 2.V) ft of i. 2axl2o it.

electric light man drive up to your door and, tak ironing by the day. VJ3S Lake View. ous enough to be troublesome. His outfit FOR SALE BY THE OWNER. LOT ON near G6th-st east front.

This is a bar March 23 Estate of D. Davis to H. Specht). 3,950 119 ft a of f. 24x124 ft.

VANTEDKELIABI'E AGENT8. GENTLEMEN and ladies for Chicatro and evervritTanrl mnnt. ing out the exhausted battery, replace it with a consisted of a six-shooter and a bundle of bar gain for any one. Address 72, Tribune office. Cooks.

Aug. Studzinski) 1,850 in the State for Mutual Investment Company of Min- ley sacks. He stopped the inward-bound stage COOK; ih ft of 69tn, I. Z-y, it to n. May 7 (J.

H. Earl to A. Kean) 1.012 iieapuiis, ai 11111., upihj tu or auuress u. tHKl.HAN, General State Agent. Room 13.

La Sniia-at OITUATION WANTED AS O2560 Cottage Grove-av. withm the town limits of Kecdtng and put POR SALE- N. W. COR. VERNON AND K4TH-STS 50x125, at a bargain.

J. H. WHITESIDE A 171 La Salle-st. 253K ft of Cortland, f. 2jx177 ft.

tariey sack over the head or every man General Housework. fresh one, as it now is to put out the pitcher for the milkman. Now. I would like to know what is the trouble here? Is it monopoly again or has the storage system proved to be a failure? Electric light companies can light stores and factories, Eublic institutions, and the dwellings of the rich ut what have they done toward furnishing the middle classes with the means of lighting their homes at a reasonable cost. WANTED IMMEDIATELY.

FIRST-CLASS Experienced freneral aerent for road work ma- Aug. 7 (G. Kteinhans to F. John) 1,150 Henry-st 431 ft of Center-av- 8 24x125 ft, Aug. 1 A.

O. Butler to J. Charonowsky 4,000 Clifton 1HU ft a of 23d f. 50x125 ft. SITUATIONS WANTED BY FOUR GIRLS, GEN- in the crowd.

Just as he finished that part of the job the outward-bound stage drove up, and he stopped that and bagged the heads of all Oeral housework. Call 3121 Cottage Grove-av. cure agents only. State experience, 142. Tribune.

MANAGEKS and rmntv. V) ANTED STATE hands. Then a farmer happened along, and I tAug. 7 (J. West Jr.

to F. C. Stewart) 1,800 near Roc f. 25x993f ft, July 11 (T. J.

Bennett to E. L. T. 2,000 llfi a of f. 181x127 ft.

izers. or Terms inclose stamn. with rararannu ITUATION WANTED 8 WING IN PRIVATE LAKE REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE ENGLEWOOD HOMES -NEW. MOl ern handsome houses, with every convenience on paved streets: price $3,500 to $5,000 and upward; very easy monthly or yearly payments.

Apply i Chicago to WM. A. PURCELL, "Room 14 American Express Building, 78 Monroe-st, Apply atEuKlevrooJ to the owners. P. W.

GEORGE. 356 chestnut-st; J.H-OUNG.6642 Uarvard-st. Surely these are great questions and touch ns to Inter-State Fidelity Leagqe. Kansas Citv. Kas.

ICfaroily by a young girl, lis) Sherman-place. all djeply. Then, why not as a people, the rulers and taxpayers of this great city, take some stens he was treated similarly. A citizen of Redding, driving for a doctor, fell into the trap and joined the barley-sack brigade, and then came the school-marm of the district, who was told to stop and sit still in her buggy, which she HORSES AND CARRIAGES. July 11 (King Carmack to Joseph Austrian).

19.983 154)4 ft of 24x123 ft, July 20 (G. 8. Johnston to I. Haywood) 3,000 W. of 18th.

f. 20ttxlOO ft. Aug. 6 (M. WASTED-MALE HELP.

has been known within the memory of the oldest inhabitant, and outside brokerdom has been in constant danger of being swamped. My own opinion, if it is worth having, is that the public are much better off without us. It was always a gamble with the tables against them, and often enough the cards marked. As a matter of course it did not suit our book to let them win any more than just enough to tempt them to go in deeper. We begin to dispair of any return to the good old times.

Even the old ladies have grown wise in their generation. The country parson once our best friend has turned like the trodden worm, and haled us before the Judge. We have braved libel actions only to get farthing damages from brutal and unsympathetic juries. W7e have been hauled up to the Mansion House to be dismissed by 6us-pjcious old Aldermen, who have made their pile, with a Scotch verdict. In a word, our business was ruined, and we must enter yet another, if we can, or betake ourselves to that house whose grim portals stand ever open to the submerged." to secure for ourselves these things that would Bookkeepers and Clerks.

add so much to the comfort and happiness of our home life. Ed. K. Pmtchard. FOR SALE AN EXCELLENT 6-YEAR-OLD bay horse: very stylish, ventle.

and n. Wengler to H. B. Mitchell) 2,000 FOR X7 ANTED Al CLERK AND TRIMMER Chicago cannot be supplied with cheap gas by traveler: any lady can drive; weight 1J50 pounds: warranted perfect, O. LINDQUIST, 207 316 ft of zaxi-t ft, Aug.

7 (M. Matt to K. 1,175 near 51th. f. 25 to alley.

May 180, Tribune office. gents' furnishing store, near wens. did. The lone robber explored the pockets of the crowd, broke open the express boxes, and quietly slipped away into the woods, and the bagged victims didn't dare to move until the schoolmarm began to laugh at their ridiculous taking popular votes. They might vote on the question twice a year for the next 100 years and YOUNG MAN AS ASSISTANT 21 (M.

McMartintoL. 2,000 Hf ANTED A For Sale THE LUCY M. GREEN ADDITION. Haisted and 63d-sts. Contract for cement sidewalks has been let to the Portland Cement Paving aud thev guarantee keep the sidewalks in perfect repair for twenty years.

For plats and particulars apply to BAIRD A BRADLEY. 90 La Salle-st Englewood office, cor. Haisted and CUd-sts. must be auick. correct athsrures.

bet 4Kth and 4ytn. I. H3H It to It ii bookkeeper: cfOtt BALE CHEAP A LOT OF MORSES vdE8k.and mares. Inquire for Foreman at Ocden-av and good penman. Address, with references, salary June 15 (F.

J. Wilson to H. W. Ames) 5,000 75 ft of f. 89Vi ft to alley.

Wi vol uo required, iti. iriuune omce. asieet and told them the robber hod gone. June 23 (J. L.

Lombard to A. Rabat) 2.750 r-xa FOR SALE GOOD SOUND HORKF- KIND X7 ANTED A FIRST-CLASS BOOKKEEPER: Ornwoorl-n ft of i f. Iuil25 In the hands of a road agent entirety great yTTJS. lor lady to drive. 162 Oakwood-blvd.

1 must be a thororicti accountant and able to take ft, July 28 (G. M. Lee to C. N. Caldwell) 5,490 a fence picket is as mighty as a two-shot scat entire charge of an office.

Address with full partic H. 3. EDWARDS jb SONS. CAllRlAnE uv. ter gun.

The Gilroy stage was toiling up a OUTBIDS SALES. 241x1.100 ftlntiwDtnUn V. See 29. 40. 14.

ulars, aiso salary expectea, 11. rmune omce. zz. v. t.

nann in exchnnge, SALE LOTS AND BLOCKS AT GAGE Park, corner Gartield-blvd. and one block from the new line of the Northern Pacific, Chicago Central. Pan Handle, and B. A O. Forty suburban trains daily.

So fare. Fine station to ba built at this point: buy now before the advance which Is sure to come. CRAIG long hill at dusk some years ago when the June 29 (A. Kurz to N. Thorne et ai) 20,000 WANTED A REGISTERED ASSISTANT DRUG X.

Sec. at. 3d. 14 rnx.B. Feb.

19 (William BUSINESS CARDS. driver saw something white fluttering just 11 clerk? city experience, loll) Lake-st. Black toF. E.Middleton) 38.958 ahead, and his leaders stopped with their TTnii frac. Sec 5.35.


Schultz to T. Wangen) 16,883 11 of a laree house one or two brlerht youne men -X. lowest prices lor reliable work. 2. hulwu I 1 breasts against a rope stretched across the road.

A handkerchief was fluttering from the center of the rope. The driver put on the of about 1H years; those who live with parents pre cor of 550x267 ft. Jane 1 (L. W. Lamson to F.

A. Hill) 28,000 IOR SALe-JM PtR FOOT NORTHWEST co*k-ner 66th and 101x123. M. WATK1NS. 39, 90 Wash! nr ton-st.

ferred. Aaaress ui, 1 rioune omce. HIW BCBDIVISIOHS. B. COUPLAND A CO- PATENT ATTORNEYS.

LaSallc-st, Chicago. III. Halsted-st- cor of 153d, 16 biks; by E. Cary VI 7 ANTED BY MERCANTILE HOUSE TO COPY 1 1 records, a vountr man of It to 2j years. Must be brake, and then somebody stand mg by a tree at the side of the road told him to throw down Mr.

Young Congratulatesthe Old Vets. 111., Aug. 5. Editor of The Tribune. Grand Army Veterans and with them all soldiers of the late war resident in this immediate environment feel grateful, and would in this public manner congratulate The TaracsE for the position it occupies toward the Grand Army of the Republic as expressed by its editor in its issue of Aug.

4. That grand army of men ex-soldier SALE ENGLEWOOD 10 ROOMS. BATH; I eay payments. WINSHfP. a very neat, plain writer of fair rapid ity.

Good ref T. FORD. LAWYER. 204 DE All ROtiX-KT fur Tinstel. cor of Leavltt, 2 blk: by A.

Stein. cor of Lincoln. 12 biks: by G. T. Dale.

the bos. He glanced toward the person who erences required. Address I08. Tribune office. Practices in all courts.

Art vine. fr cago. fidential cases a specialty. JEFFERSON REAL ESTATE. it would do no good until they would ask the Legislature to pass a law authorizing them to levy taxes on the city to the amount of many millions of dollars to pay for the gas-plant.

After that was done the question would remain to be solved whether the average city administration and City-Hall officials would manufacture any cheaper illuminating gas than the people are now getting. Work done by the city government costs about twice as much as that done by private persons tor themselves. About the time the City-Hall officials had got their gas plant fully established at a cost of fifteen to twency millions of dollars of money extracted from the property-owners' pockets snch improvements might be made by inventors like Edison in the manufacture of electricity as to undersell and ruin the city's illuminating gas plant. How cheaply fuel gas can be made and distributed even by private persons is still an unsolved question. Improvements are constantly made which tend to cheapen the prices.

The more prudent course is for the municipal government to keep out of the gas-making business for some time longer, until at least invention has time to show what it can do in the gas-making business. The Child's Face. There's nothing more pure in heaven, And nothing on earth more mild. More full of tte light that is ail divine. Stenographers.


EXPERT ACCOUNTANT AND AU- ditor: books opened, closed, and examined: city Boom VIW Chamber of Commerce. poke and saw a masked man pointing some-tiling at him. He threw down his box, the masked man cut the rope and told him to drive on. and the stage went on its way. The next day the officers found the broken express box, the rope, and an old fence picket in the 11 accurate eentleman Remincton stenoirrapher: PHE FOLLOWING BUILDING PERMITS WERE permanent; tau.

can tiz First is annua! nan Hidg. Thls beautiful suburb Is within the city limits, only 23 minutes' ride on C. M. fc St. P.

R. and 75 ft. above the lake, and Is the highest ground in J. Issued yesterday: A.JohnRon. two itnn frame flats, at 1105 and VI7 ANTED STENOGRAPHER WITH EXPEBI- TARTEUSYASTD.

H07 Bioomingdale-av $4,000 i ence in office work; young man with A I refer load, but they never found the masked man. A.Johnson. 2-stnrv frame store and hats, at ence; state salary expected and full particulars. IIAK1.M.K W1.11I.U WITH SI met TO rv Txr Clarkson-st WOO Address litt, 1 rioune omce. The express box is the-main attraction for real-estate subdivision selling very rapidly-references exchanged.

Address 25. Tribune otficn. A. Johnson. 2-storv rums flats, at airfield- the road agent, and somstimcs it is an afflic av 1,000 Salesmen.

ANTED-AN ACTIVE I OR SILENT PAKTNER TIT ANTED SALESMEN ON SALARY OR COM- Ill till cnmifllBUWl JUUU1UK CUOniUtA hue hiiu. tion to his soul. In the natural order of thmgs it ought to contain wealth, but the heartless express companies sometimes load II mission to handle the NEW PATENT CHEMIC A.Johnson. 2-story frame store ana aweiiing. at 95 Kedzte-av LOOO Bryan Lathrop, three-story and basem*nt brick dwelling, 77 to 81 Bellevue-place 45,000 Addrva Tribune office.

AL INK EKASING PENCIL. The irreatest sellma eierans commoners and voters are indeed a factor of some consequence today in this country non-partisan in their post organizations but zealous in the proper exercise of their franchise as citizens should their ballots drop as they shot? is a very pertinent end momentous question. If it ought how can it be best effected? We say do it in this wise Be men of full stature as you had to be to become soldiers view your beloved country its flag, its institutions and interests as you did when confronted by an enemy, pledged and organized to disrupt it, and to lay in waste yoar homes and firesides to insidt. tear from its glorious exaltation the starry flag, and spit upon it, and trample it under traitorous feet. Do thus because of love of country, loyalty, and patriotism as you went forth to those altars of death in the dark days of your country's peril.

Then will those burning and beautiful words of novelty ever produced: erases ink thoroughly in Erlck Nelson, nnutnrf frame addition. 14(1 MEDICAL AND HOSPITALS. Wrtsrhtwood-av 1,000 two seconds; no abrasion of paper; 200 to5uoper cent profit: one agent's sales amounted to $S20 in 6 it with bricks and cause great loss of time and anguish of spirit to an industrious and painstaking robber. When robberies were the rule Our lots are one block north of the station atMorrt Clare, on 80 ft streets, beautiful shade trees and evergreens on every lot, some of which were planted years ago when the subdivision was rt laid out Buy a home In this beautiful suburb and have ft said you own a home In Chicago, Large lot. 50x210 ft.

of an acre. $: ordinary size lots, 25x125 ft, $250: terms. $50 cash for lare lot. and $25 for other, balance in monthly payments of $10 each. Come to onr office any day at 3:30 p.

m. and we will take you out free of charge, to see thee lot. CLARK A SEATON. 406 Chamber of Commerce Building. Frank Johnson, nnn-atorv frame dwelling.

davs. another f.i'2 in 2 hours. Via want one energetic itLuisiiJstsui MiN A SPECIALTY: MOD fm JL Lincoln-av 1,500 T. Kchoen. twnui-.

fi-nmA Ktnre and flats. S753 general agent lor eacn btate ana -territory, tor XXerate charges: consultation free. call 1 1 1 TJL'VV'lfUT and sate trips the exception ialitorma the a aureus or 1 Chicago. III. Address or 1 terms and full particulars address The Monroe express companies invented the dummy box Eraser Mfg.

La Crosse. is. Commerclal-av 4.000 Frank Nichols, story and half frame cottage, yist-st- and Cottage Grove-av 1.000 CLOTHING. and worked it otf frequently on the enterprising agent, but the ioKe didn't last long. The ANTED SALESMEN WHO MEET THE irrocery trade, to handle the best selling article Claus Peterson, i.tnrv frame Sat.

12U hi- II. BUBltl PIVS Tnu -change-av 3.000 John Morltx. 2-storv frame flats. 433 Root-st l.SW A. agent acquired the habit of bursting the box on the market on commission; give name of firm now employed by and territory.

Address, with stamp. un inmiiii iioiui inuucuiiu casi-orx clothing H. k. Tinsman. tin aatni-v und basem*nt brick Order mnil promptly attended to.

u. ustiAiif, umana, ieo. -etre9nd flats. tlUHill2 Wentworth-av 20,000 C. E.

Phnlns. l.utnr. frama cottaee. 143 Aber. in the presence of the driver and then pro-f aaely requesting him to hand out the other box and no blanked foolishness.

As the drivers we ren't hired to shoot they discouraged the IirANTED-TWO FIRST-CLASS TEA AND CI- BOOKS, PICTURES. STAMPS.COIXS. II ear salesmen who hava an established trade in I deen-st WOO VVttil SLstnrr frame slnra and flats. GUI 42d- Wisconsin. H.

C. FISHER. Chicago. 2.200 lyuBfl BiAMrs-tULLtCTIONS OR LOTS ui nun niaii im nrai A. A.

i use oi tne dummy box and it was abandoned .11 ii F. Ziplrfplrl 2.ainr frama store and fiata. 5541 ThA UU A I Pi Ul arwl Cri 1 ll C8U' A nun-H-HV, UOil UiQ BUiUQ UIB ii LLIO CU11U i So sweet it is, so simple. And yet so angel-wise. With the peace of God on the dear, smooth brow.

And the love of Christ in the eyes. The sinless lips, half parted With breath as sweet as the air. And the light that seems so glad to shine In the gold of the sunny hair. 0 little one, smile and bless me Kor somehow I know not why 1 ftel in my soul, when children smile. That angels are passing by.

I feel that the gates of heaven Are nearer than I knew, That the light and the hope of that sweeter world Like the dawn, are breaking through. Kmest W. Shurtieff. uy aii weu-rcguiated lines, althoush it was Laflin-st 8.000 M. Mrfartin.

twn framA cottages. 48th- worked in occasionally on some amateur rob- TANTED BEAL ESTATE SALESMEN; THREE 11 salesmen of acknowledged, above average, ability for South. North, and West Sides; must have highest ecommendations and thorough knowledge of the business, none other need apply. Address statin? age. experience, and where last employed.

CICERO REAL ESTATE. UOB A frame house, nearly new: heart of town; nic home. F. A. HALE A 723 Chamber ot Commerce.

POR SALE-A BLOCK OF 22 LOTS AT A SAJ A rifice if taken at once; Oak Park. CHAS. h. GREENE A jfit We.torn Bank Note'. LAKE VIEW REAL ESTATE.

POR SALE-FIVE ELEGANT STONE FRONT A house Sidney-ct. near Diversey-su blocs from Lincoln Park: 9 rooms, cellar, attic, ail modera Improvements. Owner. C. F.

JOHNSON, 14SU Wei- BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD. st.andCetiter-av H. Denned y. 3-story and basem*nt brick fiats, 433 Winchester-av 2.000 I he IRTBUNE add new luster to your name and be as a diadem of glory upon your head. Fellow-comrades, Grand Army veterans, soldiers of the Union army, let us measure np to a non-partisan standard as post organizations, keep pure and unsullied our reputations as members of the Grand Army of Veterans of America, and ever maintain a comradeship according to the ritual for our guidance by onr illustrious comrade and coru-mander, John A.

Logan, and his able coadjutors. Seegt. Isaac K. Yocso. Member Q.

A. K. frost. Ko. 52i YorkviUe, IlL Blaine's Strength Among the Republican Leaguers.

Stsaccse, N. Aug. 6. The gathering of the delegates of the State League of Republican Clubs for the convention was something of a disappointment to the leaguers here. The train brought only 700, instead of a larger number, as HIGHEST CASH PRICE PAID FOR OLtJBOOgV rare books, costly book, all kinds of books it WiAmun ii 1 huumant hrlck flats.

812 hjj. xrtoune omce. Wf ANTED DRY GOODS SALESMAN AND tkIti' Vafc.iTr a Sawyer-st 2,000 C. MehmeL 3-story and basem*nt brick store and flats. 408 Clybourn-av 5,000 talli.lan tr-aniA flntK.

1046 Armlt- 11 trimmer: German or Scandinavian. C. ERICJk- cer. hen iJudu Philpot was driving the Lakeport stage a robber held him up and Budd cheerily tossed out an empty box belonging to the Great Western mine and drove along with the Wells-Fargo'a box safely stowed Under his feet. A Scheme That Did Not Pay.

The scheme of building an iron box into the body of the coach worked for a time, but the road agents beat that fame by sending the BUILDING MATERIAL. oON. HtfU MUwaukee-ay. Solicitors and Canvassers. aee-av 2.000 aiiiKlun-av, Anton Rohde.

1-stor frame cottacre. 14 2.000 TIT ANTED GOOD LIVE. ENERGETIC LADY OR Fred Wolli el. 2-story frame flaw. S35 Mead-st L000 IOR HAT.P AT TITORLD'S PAIR BUILDERS WE CAN DELIVER 11 cheap and quick a large lot square timber and BUENA PARK-FINE 2-STOKY 1.1 iV.

Mi 1 1 gentlemen canvassers to handle the best and 'ctnr, q.i.I hrick flats. 282 modern 10-room most rapid selling books in the country. Call or Augnsta-st 8.5CO weakness, pirn- DaTtinhlA Katnrr anri haaAmant brick write Room 40U ilOBOa Uiii- liJ Dearboro-at. Chi Nervous Debility, poor memory, pies, cured by Dr. Mixes' Nervine.

pues; oaa. vino, uauiiuut. ana tamarack. W. B.

GHAT. UilKlASaiia-ft, Inside: east front; near depot: lot 5bxl): OWdown. AS. LAN E. VX Chambes of Conunarce wareiiomo, ia tzim 25,550.

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